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Nerf Gun Eye Injuries

young child with a eye injury at All Eyes Vision Care in Clarksville, TNPlay Safe – Don’t Risk Eye Damage

If you have young children, you probably have some type of shooting toy in the house. Have you ever wondered about their safety? A recent increase in patients treated for Nerf gun eye damage calls attention to this classic toy gun.

In September 2017, the medical journal BMJ Case Reports published a report about three separate incidents of eye injuries after playing with a Nerf gun. Two of the patients were adults and one was an 11-year old kid. All of these people experienced swelling, internal bleeding in their eye, pain and blurred vision. The good news is that they all sought urgent eye care from a nearby vision center and received treatment that restored their eye health eventually.

Hasbro Responds

The massive toy company that creates Nerf guns stressed that this popular toy meets all international safety standards – when used correctly. Hasbro assures consumers that product safety is paramount, and they encourage parents to place the same importance on safety by checking the age recommendations and instructions for each item.

Nerf toys are intended for kids age 8 and up. Also, kids must be reminded to never aim the darts at someone’s face. Hasbro testifies that all of its products passed strict testing and practical reviews to determine that they are both fun and safe. However, consumers must do their part and implement the age guidelines and specific instructions for each toy.

Buy Only the Real Nerf

It can be tempting to purchase knock-off shooters or bullets. Listen to your eye doctor and only purchase branded bullets! Why? Unlabeled bullets and dart heads are often made from cheaper and harder materials than the originals, which gives them more power to cause a Nerf gun eye injury.

Our optometrist also cautions against modifying your Nerf blaster or darts to make them shoot with more power. This is a risky practice that could lead to vision loss if eye contact is made.

Signs that You Need Eye Care for Nerf Gun Eye Damage

If you are hit in the eye by any flying object, watch your symptoms carefully. The following signs indicate that you may require emergency treatment to prevent vision loss:

  • Fuzzy vision
  • Seeing black, flashes of light, or starbursts
  • Painful vision
  • Bleeding in your eye

Some of these symptoms could mean that the Nerf bullet wounded the outer retinal layers of your eye, which can lead to a detached retina. If you experience bleeding between your iris and cornea it could increase your risk of glaucoma.

Prevent Problems with Protective Eyewear

In sum, all items that whizz through the air with speed can lead to eye injury, and Nerf guns are just one example. That’s why our Clarksville, TN, optometrist recommends stocking your home with protective glasses and goggles – and urging your kids to wear them. We feature a diverse display of safety eyewear in our vision center, stop by anytime to purchase a pair for each member of your family.

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